Kiev - the city of wishes on the Land Cruiser Prado


"Wishes are necessary to give your life constant motion"
                                                                                               Samuel Johnson

This tour is for you if: you believe in magic, you like to dream, you want to test the power of your thoughts, you want to come up with your Wish list for the next year, you want to see the sights of Kiev from a different angle - mysterious and unexplored.
We will open to you the secrets of Kiev. We will help make wishes so that they exactly come true. You will find answer the following questions:

- How and where to gather intelligence?
- Where to get the power of the ancient natural spirit?
- How to marry successfully?
- How to become rich?
- How protect yourself from the evil?
- How to overcome a cold?
- Where can you get protection of the Archangel Michael?
- What should be done to fulfill the cherished desire?
- How to get rid of envy?
- How to strengthen family ties?

Full restart is guaranteed! At the end of the tour you will have a surprise from Kievtrip.

It′s a secret that you unravel during the tour :)
Dress code: casual.

Our tourists photos you can find in our
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1-3 pax
4-5 pax
 3 hours
 3000 UAH
 3300 UAH
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