Saint Sophia Cathedral


History – is a witness of the past, the light of truth, the living memory, the life teacher, the messenger of antiquity.


The oldest cathedral in Kiev, the largest collection of mosaics and frescoes of the eleventh century, the main church of Kievan Rus - it′s all about the St. Sophia Cathedral, the living memory of our city. The fact that the temple has gone through hordes of Mongol-Tatars, the destruction of Kiev by Crimean khan Mengli I Giray, the revolution of 1917, World War II - makes it unique.
Excursion to "Saint Sophia Cathedral" is for you if you want to know:

• when and how the St. Sophia Cathedral was built?
• where were buried Yaroslav the Wise and his wife Irina?
• what is "inviolable wall"?
• what did Mikhail Vrubel paint in the cathedral?

Objects: St. Sophia Cathedral

Dress code: casual.

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