Podil district


But without Podil Kiev is not possible, as Saint Vladimir without the cross.
Words from a song

If you’ve never visited Podol – you’ve never been to Kiev. Podol is the historic district located beneath the Kiev hills on the bank of the Dnepr River. Everything merged here: a wonderful atmosphere of Kiev, beauty of cathedrals and churches, majestic monuments, old buildings and marvelous narrow streets. During the times of the Kievskaya Rus, Podol was the trading-craft area of Kiev. The handicraft quarters, the main city port, harbour and custom house were situated in Podol, or as it was named The Lowest City.
Excursion "Podil district" is for you if you want to know:

• why is Podil so called?
• where and when were the biggest Kiev trade fairs?
• where Mikhail Bulgakov was born?
• why Napoleon set fire to Podol?
• where is the Florovsky female monastery?
• did Peter the Great live on Podil?
• where was built first shopping center in Kiev?

Objects: Kiev – Mohyla Academy, St. Nikolay Naberezhniy church, St Elijah’s church and St. Nikolas the Wonderworker’s church, St. Nikola Pritisc’s church, Naitivity church, the “Samson” fountain, the “Kontractoviy” house, e.t.c.(List of objects and excursion route could be changed depending on a traffic situation and churches operating mode.)

Dress code: casual

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