Jewish Kiev


 Pessimism - is a luxury that Jews can not afford.

Golda Meir

Century-long history of Kyiv is inseparable from the history of Jewish community, which origin dates back to the pre-Christian Rus times. Prominent Jewish manufacturers and merchants, engineers and lawyers, penmen and artists worked here. Future political leaders of Israel – Golda Meir and Yefraim Katsir –were born in Kyiv. The famous writer Sholem Aleikhem lived and worked in Kyiv. During our tour you will have a chance to visit synagogue and Babiy Yar – the place of mass execution of the Jews in the World War II. 
The excursion "Jewish Kiev" is for you if you want to know:

• when the Central Kiev Synagogue was built?
• why the shooting of Jews was started at Babi Yar?
• who was the chief Maecenas of Kiev?
• where Golda Meir was born?
• Why Podil is called "small Odessa"?
• why it was forbidden for Jews to trade in the Jewish market?
• how many Jewish pogroms were in Kiev?

Objects: Central synagogue, Sholem Aleikhem monument, memorial Babiy yar, Golda Meir house. (List of objects and excursion route could be changed depending on a traffic situation and churches operating mode.)

Dress code: casual

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1-3 pax
4-5 pax
6 and more
 4 hours
3600 UAH
4800 UAH
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