Excursion "Kiev Street-Art on the Land Cruiser Prado”


 Art is like a nature. If you do not let it comes in the door, it will enter through the window.

Samuel Butler

Kiev is not only a city of churches and cathedrals, but also is a city of modern art objects. Just in last five years, Kiev has become the center of the European street-art: a large number of murals and unusual sculptures appeared. Look just on "Landscape Alley," Hedgehog in the Fog, White Cat "forked breed".
Excursion "Kiev Street-Art on the Land Cruiser Prado» is for you if you want to:

• know where Alice lives in Kiev?
• see the most beautiful murals of our city.
• meet with a Hedgehog, White Cat "forked breed" and Ballerina.
• find out who is Constantine Skretutsky?
• hear the story about the contemporary artists who have worked in Kiev.

Objects: Kiev murals, Landscape alley, sculpture Hedgehog in the Fog, the yard with ravens, "Forked Cat", Kiev ballerina, St. Andrew′s Descent, St. Michael and St. Sophia Square, Golden Gate, Independence Square (List of objects and excursion route could be changed depending on a traffic situation.)

Dress code: casual.

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1-3 pax
4-5 pax
 3 hours
4200 UAH
5100 UAH

Customer Reviews
Mert 07.12.2016 14:08      
Great tour! Vitaliy takes you through the streets of Kyiv to witness the true spirit of the city. You not only learn about the historical heritage, but also the living culture and identity of the "right bank" of Dnipro. It is more than a typical "from this cathedral to that statue" experience.
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