Andriyivsky Descent + Landscape Alley


The Andriyivsky Descent is one of the real "Kiev" streets.

Viktor Nekrasov

Every city has its landmark street. In Paris is Montmartre, in Moscow is Arbat and in Kiev this is Andriyivsky Descent. Street-soul, street-character, street legend. Here Mikhail Bulgakov used to live, architect Rastrelli used to work. Although there is located Landscape Alley the first art-park in Ukraine, which is very similar to the famous Gaudi Park in Barcelona.
Tour "Andriyivsky Descent + Landscape Alley" is for you if you want to know:

• the history and legends of the legendary street.
• where Mikhail Bulgakov used to live?
• why "Richard the Lionheart" castle has such nickname?
• was Andriyivsky Descent the "Red Light District"?
• where is the most "whiny" mountain in Kiev?
• what fairy-tale characters live on the Landscape alley?

Objects: St. Andrew church, Andriyivsky Descent, Landscape Alley

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