Tour to Sofievka Park


   He would have given her a lot for her to love him, not for what he gave her.
Karl Kraus

Dendropark "Sofiyivka" is perhaps the most expensive gift to a woman that was made by earl Potocki to his wife Sophia. He created an English park in the steppes of Ukraine. In this man-made miracle is assembled a rich collection of plants from around the world. Amazing scenery, numerous fountains, artificial grottoes and exquisite sculptures - all of this was created by the power of love of man to woman.
Excursion to dendropark "Sofiyivka" – Uman is for you if you want:

• to learn the amazing story of love
• to see a real dendropark
• to ride along the underground river Acheron
• to drink water from the source of Hippocrene
• to visit the love island
• to make a wish in the Thunder grotto

Objects: National dendrological park of Ukraine Sofiyivka

Dress code: casual

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