An ecological tour to Chernobyl

Turning away from the Red Forest that was radiating anxiety and fear,
In the central area of the wounded Chernobyl zone appeared gray as an elephant sarcophagus!

Memoirs of eyewitness

According to the magazine "Forbes", Chernobyl is the most exotic place on the planet Earth. Distance from Kiev to Chernobyl is approximately 140 km, and you will see the city that 50 thousand people left during the day.
"Ecological tour to Chernobyl" is for you if you want to know:

• why the fourth reactor exploded?
• who is guilty in this tragedy?
• what the consequences of the Chernobyl disaster?
• what kind abnormalities appeared after the explosion?
• Is it currently safe in the exclusion zone?




Leaving Kyiv to Chernobyl Exclusion Zone

10.30 — 10.45
Dytyatky 30-km Zone Checkpoint
- passport control
- safety rules briefing
- entering the Zone, driving to Chernobyl. Along the way we will be driving through the abandoned villages of Cherevach and Zalissy, and passing by the Uzh river

Your will see that Chernobyl is virtually a usual Ukrainian small town, where the employees of the power plant and other Exclusion Zone state companies are based. Indeed, being here for the first time it’s hard to imagine that this town has something to do with the catastrophe of 1986.
- a bus tour
- visiting the exposition of the robots and equipment which were in use to mitigate the catastrophe consequences

Leliv 10-km Zone Checkpoint
Entering the 10 km Zone.

Kopachi village

Visiting the kindergarten which is the only remaining building in the whole village. The rest of the facilities were buried in the ground. Kopachi village is located 4 km from the power plant.

Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant industrial site
- visiting the memorial next to the administrative building of the CHNPP
- feeding gigantic cat-fish (depends on weather conditions)
- SHELTER-2 “Arch” from the observation point
You will see the New Safe Confinement at the distance of some 300 meters!

The abandoned town of Pripyat

- the Red Forest
- the Pripyat sign on entering the town
- the Death Bridge
- stop on the central square of the town, a walking tour
- Energetic Palace of Culture, Polissya Hotel (observation point)
- department store
- amusement park
- Prometheus Cinema
- river port, sinking pier
- kindergarten and school
- Pripyat swimming pool
You will take tons of photos, get absolutely unforgettable impressions and feel really exceptional emotions!

Chernobyl-2 Secret Object. DUGA-1 over-the-horizon radar station
DUGA-1 object is one of the most well-known objects of the former USSR. Its exact name is in fact «5H32». The radar was supposed to detect air targets, like launched intercontinental ballistic missiles. The signal emitted by the radar reminded of a woodpecker hammering. For this reason, the object has been nicknamed “the Russian Woodpecker”.

Lunch is preplanned during the tour. Lunch order is optional.

Radiological control

Coming back to Kyiv


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group tour
 1 day
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 1 day
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Catherine 24.09.2013 15:31      
Good afternoon, thank you for arranging our day excursion of Chernobyl area.

Nikolai was an excellent guide, very informative and made the trip very interesting. Our compliments to the driver as well, he did a good job.

I have recommended your services to a friend of ours who wish to do a similar excursion in November.

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